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About Us

Tony Mazzorana...

... has been a professional Wedding Video Journalist, editor and filmmaker in the Metro Detroit area for over twenty years. His eye for fine detail, a candid style of shooting and award winning editing has allowed him to create incredible videos for hundreds of satisfied clients. Tony assures your footage blends uniquely to make your video exciting, elegant and complete.

Experience a video comprised of quality footage from a "hidden video" style of filming. We don't leave camera shy guests running or ruin great party moments A-1 uses no bright lights when filming. Be assured, video quality is not sacrificed by this process. 

Our Equation for Satisfied Clients. . .
  + Modest Pricing
  + Our Premium DVD Package


I am a Wedding Video-Journalist
Translation: My style is EXTREMELY INVISIBLE, yet I provide detailed coverage. It will look like the camera was right in the middle of all the action. Your video will be movie-like in it's finished, polished version, but you will not feel like you are in a movie while we are shooting. From pre-ceremony candid images to the last dance of the evening, you will barely know that I am there.

Let Your Eyes Be The Judge
I have a documentary film making background so our work and methods are a complete contrast to most other videographers.  I am not implying my work is better, that is something only you can determine.  However, I do offer a refreshing contrast.

My Experience is Yours at...NO EXTRA CHARGE
I have been shooting and creatively editing wedding videos for over 20 years.  Most people agree that for your special day, experience does matter.  Those memorable moments throughout your special day could easily turn into "video disasters".  Please check the experience level of the actual camera person you are hiring, it can be the difference between a fabulous, wonderful experience or a video nightmare.

My Business is Built on Gratitude
I have been very fortunate... most of my work comes through referrals from satisfied clients, keeping my advertising costs very low. These referrals allow me to continue providing premium work at reasonable rates.

Simply call or email me with your mailing address
and I will gladly send you a free sample DVD of my work.
Call: 586-779-4710 or email me: A1VIDEO@AOL.COM

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