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8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm
Transfered to DVD

Example 1942 8mm Movies Transfer to DVD

8mm & Super 8mm Home Movies to DVD
Highest Quality digital transfers to DVD's
PRICING: Only 15 per ft. or less !
The more you have the lower the price.
Call or email for LARGE ORDER DISCOUNT
586-944-6981 ~ a1video@aol.com

your precious home movie memories. . .
ALL Transfers are done
right here in our studio
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

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Example 1942 8mm Movies Transfer to DVD

Follow Our 5 Easy Steps
  1. Check your closets to find those old home movies.
  2. Put them in the order you want to see them on video.
    (Number each reel with a Post It note)
  3. You can add titles or names between the reels.
    Think of Special information (Wedding Info,
    Birth dates, etc.)
    that will help take your audience
    back in time to those memories of the joy they had,
    that they may have forgotten. (Have Tissue handy)

    (Put the title on a Post It note before the reel number)
  4. Add music to remind everyone of the time and place,
    (1960’s music, Anniversary, Wedding music, etc.)
  5. Then call us to put it all together
    Tony ~ (586) 944-6981
That's All It Takes

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